About Us

As of May 2024 Imber Vintage is now closed. Thank you all for 5 amazing years of support.

Imber Vintage specializes in curating high quality vintage clothing and providing a source of unique sustainable fashion with a focus on the 90s, Y2K and early 2000s. Each piece in our shop is carefully selected, cleaned, repaired, and shipped using eco-friendly packaging.


Sustainability Initiatives


All of our eco-friendly packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

  • Poly Mailers: Made from 100% recycled content and curbside recyclable. 
  • Tissue Paper: Made from 100% recycled content and curbside recyclable. 
  • Shipping Labels: Curbside recyclable 

Wearing preloved and vintage clothing provides used garments with a home, rather than contributing to textile waste in landfills. Furthermore, recycling existing clothing reduces the environmental impact involved with mass producing new clothes. 


Care for Garments

Washing garments only as needed will help to preserve them as well as to conserve water and detergent. 

When washing is required we recommend hand wash garments in cold water with gentle detergent and air-drying. 

Custom hand-dyed pieces should be hand washed separately in cold water as the dye may run for the first 4 to 5 washes.